Kerry Moy


Jazz Musician

Alongside a successful career in finance as Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Moy Wealth Advisors, Kerry Moy is also an accomplished musician living in Los Angeles, California. After a busy day in his career, Kerry loves to spend his free time not only recording jazz music in the studio but also composing original pieces, as well.

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About Kerry Moy’s Music

For Kerry Moy, music is a central part of his existence. He played music for most of his life but, when he entered into the financial world, he packed up his guitar to focus on his career and the pursuit of success. However, within a decade, he had gotten his musical second wind, picked back up the guitar, and created two albums while also maintaining his demanding daytime schedule operating in the financial industry. 

Inspired by contemporary jazz composers like Keiko Matsui and Hiroshima, Kerry released his first album, Market Crash, in 1995 across the Pacific Rim in countries like Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Korea, and India. In 1998, Kerry Moy released his album East West stateside, in which he drew from his own Asian heritage to create his music, masterfully melding Eastern music with influences of Western musical genres like jazz, rock, classical, blues, and funk. In mixing together the different sounds and musical styles, Kerry felt as though he were able to reflect the various facets of his personality and self. While much of jazz today shares a common consistency, Kerry has always been more interested in variety, bringing a new sound to the music he creates. He enjoys the process of writing, composing, and creating music, and his work can be found commercially on platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, and more under Noteworthy Records. 

In his professional career, Kerry Moy is a talented financial professional with expertise in family office management, family planning, portfolio management, finance, and wealth management services. He has established himself as an experienced Principal who has a demonstrated history of working within the financial services industry for more than 35 years. After deciding to step out into the industry on his own in 2019, Kerry has been serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Moy Wealth Advisors, the firm he founded in 2019, ever since. Here, he offers wealth management services for high-net-worth and family office portfolios, as well as offering customized financial strategies and comprehensive financial planning. 

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