Due to the number of podcasts in the audio sphere, it can be hard to find one that delivers what you’re looking for. Here are some of the best podcasts aimed at both music industry insiders and hopefuls.


Creative Juice

Creative Juice is a weekly podcast hosted by Circa and his Indepreneur team that aims to help people seeking a career in the music industry. It features interviews with industry professionals and advice from Circa on everything from marketing to management.


The Bob Lefsetz Podcast

The Bob Lefsetz Podcast is a unique take on the music industry, as the self-proclaimed industry pundit has always been fascinated by the subject. He has a wide range of guests, including executives such as Michael Rapino and Irving Azoff and legendary musicians such as Harry Casey and Paul Anka.


Rarified Heir

The Rarified Heir podcast is not focused on the music industry but aims to provide a unique look at the life of a child celebrity. It’s hosted by Josh Mills, who is the artist manager and publicist of several prominent individuals, including Martin Mills and the wife of Muriel Adams. Some of the guests include Shawn Kay, the daughter of Steppenwolf’s John Kay, Eden, the daughter of Herb Alpert and Eddie Cantor, and the son of Meat Puppets’ Curtis Kirkwood.


Song Exploder

Hrishikesh Hirway’s Song Exploder is a popular and highly-lauded podcast that explores the various decisions that artists make in order to create their most enduring work. Its popularity has led to the creation of a series on Netflix, which has featured various prominent individuals, such as Alicia Keys, Lin-Manuel Miranda, The Killers, and Dua Lipa.


American Scandal “Payola – The $50 Handshake”

In the American Scandal episode titled “Payola – The $50 Handshake,” the host talks about the ways in which major record labels and managers have used bribes and kickbacks to get songs played on the radio.


Broken Record

The iHeartMedia podcast called “Broken Record” is hosted by Justin Richmond and features interviews with prominent individuals, such as Rick Rubin, Bruce Headlam, and Malcolm Gladwell. It’s an audio version of liner notes, and it aims to create conversations between the artist and the audience. Recent episodes have featured appearances by such notable individuals as Henry Rollins, John Hiatt & Jerry Douglas, Peter Frampton, Rick Nielsen, and Jaden Smith.