As with all types of entertainment, music is also changing and evolving with the tastes and opinions of musicians and listeners alike. As we enter 2022, it is important to examine some of the major trends in music and predict what musicians have in store for fans in the coming year.


The Return of Live Music

By far the biggest prediction of music industry insiders is that 2022 will usher in a boom of live music. Insiders predicting such a surge in demand for live music point out renewed hopes for the end of the two-year COVID-19 pandemic. After two years of not being able to see their favorite artists live in arenas and concert halls, experts who examine trends in the music industry predict that music aficionados will once again flock to live performances. Not only are live concerts special for the experience of seeing musicians play in person, there is also something amazing about being part of an audience and sharing your passion for music with like-minded individuals.


The Rise of TikTok and Other Social Media Platforms

TikTok was a behemoth in 2021 and currently boasts over a billion subscribers as of last September. Those who examine trends in the music industry predict even more growth in 2022 as musicians learn how to tailor their content to fit the platform’s short-form video structure. TikTok’s favoritism among both up-and-coming and well-established artists is also enhanced by how so many TikTok videos go viral and become social media sensations.

TikTok and other platforms, such as OnlyFans, have also become increasingly trusted by musicians due to the ability for fans to tip their favorite singers. Tipping became a key feature of both TikTok and OnlyFans due to its ability to help artists make a living during the most tumultuous days of the pandemic while also creating the feel of a live concert. Looking ahead, insiders forecast that tipping will remain a major part of music on social media well into 2022.


Music Teaching Will Move Online

Just like the rise of music on TikTok, the pandemic also saw more and more music teachers moving their lessons online. Those examining trends in music predict that music teachers will continue to market their skills on online platforms. This prediction is based on positive response to online music teachers. Learning music online not only allows students to learn everything about their instrument from the comfort of their living room, but it also enables them to have their pick of teachers from around the world.